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Noise reducer for iPhone and iPad

Brusfri is a cutting-edge noise reducing app for iPhone and iPad (also available as AU/VST/AAX plugin for Mac/Windows). It reduces unwanted background noise, while still retaining the sound quality of the wanted sound.

Using Brusfri is simple - all that's needed is a short sample of the unwanted noise. Once Brusfri has learned what the noise sounds like, it will start reducing it.


Brusfri is also available for Mac/Windows as a VST/AU/AAX plugin

How does it work?

Be a good listener

The main component of Brusfri is the LEARN button. This is Brusfri's "ear" and its most important control. LEARNTo use it, simply playback the noise that you want to reduce, press and hold the LEARN button for about 1-3 seconds, and you're done. Brusfri will then use this noise snippet to reduce the overall noise. (Therefore, it is very important that the ear is only fed with the noise that you want to reduce)

Tweak the settings

A handful of extra options are also available:

  • Threshold (the level where Brusfri starts reducing)
  • Attack / Release (the time for the reducer to start/stop working)
  • Filter controls (some extra make-up to make sure the desired audio is kept fresh)
However, in most cases this won't be needed.

There are two ways to use Brusfri on iOS:
Standalone and AU plug-in.

Standalone mode

In Standalone, Brusfri can import sound from other apps (using the 'Open in...' command). It can also extract audio from a video clip in the Camera Roll. When the noise reduction is complete, the audio can be exported to any destination.

Plug-in mode

When used as a AUv3 plug-in, it processes the sound in real-time. It receives the audio from a host application (or DAW), such as GarageBand. It is recommended to only use Brusfri as an insert effect on a single track.

Let us know

We’d love to know what you think of the app, so please engage with us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any suggestions or just want to share something cool you’ve made with Brusfri.

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